How much are you willing to pay for a pet and taking care of it?

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June 8, 2007 10:37pm CST
If your are going to get a pet how much are you willing t pay for the animal and upkeep for it? What kind of animal do you want to get? Why do you want to get that kind of animal?
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10 Jun 07
I am willing to pay up to $100. to purchase a pet. I am willing to spend any amount to keep it healthy and happy. Yearly vet appointments and shots. Quality food and quality litter. I love all animals, but choose to have cats. They are clean, intelligent, easy, and very affectionate. I have two that I saved from the shelter.
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• United States
23 Jun 07
I appreciate the best response my friend. Thank you very much.
@Aurone (4758)
• United States
9 Jun 07
Depending on the animal, I would pay a couple hundred dollars for a purebred. My pet of choice is cats. And you can get your general American Short Hair or long Hair for free at your local pound or vet which is where I got my current kitties. As for their upkeep. They are my babies and I would pay whatever necessary to keep them healthy and happy. Cat are wonderful creatures. They are not as needy as dogs but they still like your company and being petted. They have their own personalities and they keep me from getting lonely.
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