Are you in a long distance relationship?

June 9, 2007 1:25am CST
i want to know your opinions, tips, advice on how to make the relationship work...
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9 Jun 07
righ now, i'm not. but last year my boyfriend was away for 6 minth, came home for 2-3 days every month. i thought i'd go crazy, we were used to see each other at least 7 hours a day, talk on the phone every nigh before falling asleep. and then, these 6 months came. where he was, he was not allowed to have a cell phone with him and we could talk about 3 minutes at every 3 days ... that was crazy and ugly... so i began writing letters to him with everything that was going on in my life and he stared doing the same thing so when we met we wouldn't feel weierd and we'd know what the other is talking about. and now, 1 year later, we're fine, still together, still inlove :) and with big plans. so, long distance relationships work as long as there is any kind of comunication between the parteners and it's not for a long period of time. all the best :) Liana
• Philippines
10 Jun 07
yeah, communication is the key to have a succesful long distance relationship and of course trust.. all means of communication phone, chat, email, text messages you name it we've done it all. But you know sometimes i can help but wonder how it's long to be with him but the situation won't permit it. right now we've been apart for 1yr and i think im goin insane..i miss him so much.. He'll be coming home next year..well i guess i just got to have faith in us right..hmm thanks liana! and good for you Good luck!
• Pakistan
9 Jun 07
man i do not beleive at net relationship its all fool.but in real life start ralationship with exchanging Gifts.jeremie2103:so be carefull for net friendship.
• Philippines
10 Jun 07
me niether i don't go for net relationship, i mean like meeting your partner on the net.. but with the relationship i'm in right now it's different. We're already committed when he left for the states to migrate 3yrs ago, but within those 3 yrs he made it a point to come home every year. But this time we agreed that he'd have to stay there longer coz we're planning to get married next year so he has to save money right? But two years is too long to bear...huhuhu but thanks darkmasterblast for your concern..really appreciate it..
• India
29 Jun 07
The only advice I can give is have determination that it will work. Have faith that it will work. It also requires that you both have to work for it.
• United States
25 Jun 07
Seems like everyone is so pesimistic about long distance relationships. The key is definately communication but it is very important to have had some history with this guy (been atleast in the same state long enough to see the real "you"). It take up much more time becoz you have to make the extra effort (emails, phone calls, gifts, travel...) to make him feel special. Even though frustrating, thsiis actually a good way to get to know the guy more and actually talk. Sometimes getting into a relationship too fast is like a ticking time bomb. My parents were in a long distance for 3 years before they got married. They have been together for 30 years now. I will be completing my first year of my long distance relationship. Its not all that bad if you communicate clearly what you are looking for and make a real effort to keep things together.
• Indonesia
11 Jun 07
yes i'm,now i'm in a long distance relationship, hm for me it doesn't matter if you take a long distance relationship, i think it not a burden to someone to have it, i think the relationship still will success if the person that in that relation realize that they must continually maintain their communication to prevent miss communication and loss contact..