Best movie to watch now

June 9, 2007 7:11am CST
I am getting bored at home. I am unable to pass my time at home. I am planning to watch a movie. But again I am confused which movie to watch as there are lots of big banner films released at present. Can you help me to get which movie I should prefer?
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@tonixxx (358)
9 Jun 07
Pirates 3 - This is a good film although very long, i think that they could have compressed it but i enjoyed it very much. Shrek 3 - This is brilliantly funny, if you liked the first 2 films this is a must. Preminition - Very difficult to follow thoughout, but it all comes together at the end, good film if you like thrillers. These are all ai can think of at the mo. I have just watched Million Dollar Baby though and found it brilliant, very stron story and touching. Clint Eastwood is fab as are all the other actors, worth a watch.
• India
29 Jun 07
Thanxs buddy for the info. Well I watched Pirates of the Carribean and Million Dollar Baby and I liked both of them.
@angelicEmu (1311)
9 Jun 07
Well, if you like mainstream blockbusters from Hollywood, I'm not the person to ask, as I think that Hollywood films are a waste of time and money nowadays. However, if you don't mind subtitles, and enjoy quality films, you could always find a local "Arthouse" cinema, which tend to show foreign and independantly-made films. There are a lot of really excellent films being made in China, Japan and Korea nowadays, and European films (not UK-made, but French, German, Spanish) have always maintained their quality and originality. So if I were you, I'd go and see one of those films. The likelihood is that if you watch a film from Japan, China or Korea, you'll find that Hollywood will be doing a re-make of it in a year or so, so you'll be able to smugly say to your friends "Ah yes, I saw the original, and it's much better" - the original always IS much better, incidentally!!