What you do if a man wistle after you in tha streed?

@al87exa (720)
June 9, 2007 8:06am CST
Is rude?Or is an admiration gesture. Of course that a gentelman never don t make this. but what reaction you will have in a situation like this?
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• New Zealand
10 Jun 07
I've been whistled at in the street before, I have been offended and other times I have felt ok about it. I guess it depends where and when. I'm not sure why sometimes it was ok and others it didnt feel right.
@jogie_bien (1103)
• Philippines
9 Jun 07
i hate that.Even is they adimired with you, they must not do that because it seems they are rude and no education at all.If they admird person on street they can only look but not wistle you, because it seems you are a dog.Sometimes they did that to me but i dont look at them is like i did not heard anything.
• United States
9 Jun 07
I find it to be rude. Usually, I'll just continue walking along my way, avoiding eye contact. Sometimes I'll lift the finger or give a disgusted glare, but generally I don't want to pick fights.
@AmbiePam (50257)
• United States
9 Jun 07
Well, it seems to happen a lot around contruction zones. LOL If it is just a whistle, I go on with my business, but if someone makes a crude comment, they better watch out because I'm not afraid to give them a piece of my mind!