Windows Vista

@kusmadi (128)
June 9, 2007 8:08am CST
Windows Vista is a powerfull Operating System. I like it but very very expensive. How about you?
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• India
11 Jun 07
I heard that vista su**s..i avent tried it though....
@sunilkonda (1215)
• India
9 Jun 07
I recently bought HP laptop and it has windows vista home premium preloaded. OS GUI is very good but i found some kind of bugs creep in. even after i close the media player with the close button, the media player though disappears from the desktop the sound track still continues and i cant even find the application running under task manager. i dont know how to get out of this prb.. has anyone faced same problem
• India
9 Jun 07
Its an excellent and powerful operating system. Though its expensive , It have a lot of advanced security features. The Windows Areo is a rocking feature of Vista. The colour features are excellent and unmatched. Though Vista is good , it has some problems as of now , and some softwares may not work comfortably. I hope soon Microsoft gets rid of these shortcomings and its price reduces too. Because there is no way you can use a privated version of VISTA more than a month. Seems that you are new here. Wishing you LUCK !!!
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
9 Jun 07
I am still using Windows XP. I have been told about Windows Vista. I once asked my computer friend to see if my operating system can be upgraded by Vista. He said No, because my computer is too old. It is 6 years old now. But I wonder what functions Vista can offer.
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
9 Jun 07
Heyhey welcome to mylot. I bet its great. I haven't experienced it yet. I'm not about to upgrade until I upgraded my system first. Yes, it would be very expensive. Cheers! Happy Posting :)