electric car

June 9, 2007 8:14am CST
i think an electric car can save the wolrd
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@manlynux (271)
• Romania
9 Jun 07
If you didn't know, a electric car was invented like an year ago, it has a high speed and it can reach up to 100km/h in 4 second if i`m not mistaking , i saw this news on yahoo, anyways you have to put this car into the garage so that it's battery can recharge... an electric car may save the world from pollution if the electric power is produced by and eolian factory or power made with water... anyway ... the petrol is going to exhaust and then there will be problems... the best car that can save the world is a car with and engine that runs with water !
@tmlnmr (1850)
• Canada
9 Jun 07
Electric cars would be really good for city life but for rural places they just wouldn't work. I have a documentary on them and it was very interesting but I knew that until they could find a way to charge the battery while it was running I just wouldn't be able to use it. The government would not allow the electric car to ever be produced again. They will lose just too much money with them. The oil industry will not allow it and the dealerships will not allow it. The ones that were built were leased and when the lease came up the owners were not allowed to buy the vehicle. All the vehicles were crushed. It is really sad because I they would definately help with the environment.