Has Green/Black Tea any medicinal properties? And what about white tea?

Saudi Arabia
June 9, 2007 8:32am CST
I could recently read somewhere that Green and Black Tea has many medicinal properties. It says that black tea reduces heart attack. And much more healthy functions in having Green Tea. Do you believe this? It also says that "no such qualities in white tea". How can this be true? When milk is added, where do these qualities of black/green tea go?
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@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
9 Jun 07
Actually, a study from 2004 showed that white tea has more anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities than green tea. All teas are healthy, in different amounts. Milk can apparently block good and healthy effects that tea has and besides, green tea is generally not drunk with milk added to it. I personally never drink my tea with milk as I'd rather enjoy the actual taste of the tea. Here's a good link about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potential_effects_of_tea_on_health
• Saudi Arabia
9 Jun 07
So, I can continue to have white tea...!:)