Quit buying gas from our enemies

@jewel102 (105)
United States
June 9, 2007 2:23pm CST
I saw this statement on TV and I agree 100% on that. Our country sent a lot of help to these countries: money, food, military strategies, etc. and most of them just want annhilate us from the world and later they turn their back to us too, like 911. Because we teached and provided military couseling to Osama Bin Laden before he create Alkaeda and later he used these things we teach him against us. I think is time that our government look for another kinds of energy, stop making business with that people and put all the effort, resources in find something more affordable for everybody's pocket and for our environment and quit thinking about their own interest ($).
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• Pakistan
9 Jun 07
true very true.i think After attacking at afghanistan and at iraq American Economy came down and China is going at peak now.