Do You Snaffle?

South Africa
June 9, 2007 2:59pm CST
Apparently, I am a snaffler of note it seems.My partner makes the food sometimes, before its even cooked I am pekking at it, licking spoons,dipping my fingers in it all.He usually makes a lucious cheese sauce which goes on the pasta, along with spicy mince.I can never wait for the food to settle, have to dig in, sucking it all up.I usually try to hide it all from him, like I dont let him see what I am up to, but he peeks, and always shouts.."You are snaffling again!!!" its my ritual.
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@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
9 Jun 07 that what you call it? Snaffling. Never knew there was a term coined for people like us. One of my favourites, probably the one that started my snaffling condition, must have started during my childhood. Everytime mum bakes a cake, I used to lick the bottom of the batter pan after the contents were emptied into the baking tray and put into da oven. Ever done that? :p
• South Africa
10 Jun 07
Yes, an apt term,I am sure.In this house thats what we call it! I know all about the whole licking the bottom of the pan thing, been there and still doing it! I am especially fond of cheese sauce though.I lick and scrape that pan as if there was no tomorrow.Another delight is when a spicy sauce is being made, or the lasagne has just been cooked and it has to settle. I can never wait.I stand over it all, and dig around here and there, poking away and nibbling it all.
• United States
9 Jun 07
No I don't do this when others are cooking. I have seen my daughter can't wait till food is done. She wants a piece of this and a piece of that. I don't mind her having a taste at all. I get a spoon and saucer and place a drop there. If she were to place her hand over the stove to dig in and try. It would not be pretty. I also can't take nasty people who taste with the cooking spoon and double dip. It's nice to hear you love your partners cooking. Where is he from? Is he a chef full time? Good eats to you