Are you a vengeful person?

United States
June 9, 2007 3:38pm CST
If you were harmed by someone, would you seek justice, be vengeful and harm them back? Or would you just let it slide and go on with your life? Well, I am not a vengeful person, although I may WISH harm on the ones whom have harmed me deeply, I could never commit a harmful act. Some people will commit harmful acts to the ones who harmed them, such as fighting them, or even killing. Could you be or are you vengeful? If someone were to harm you, would you seek vengence? Or would you just let it go?
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@4ftfingers (1313)
9 Jun 07
Hi there Jennifer! Well I've never been a vengfull person but there have been times in my life where afterwards I wish I had retaliated, just to save my ego at least. At easter time last year I was beaten up pretty badly when I was out one night. One guy was pushing me in a club and so I turned round and give him a look. He punched me in the nose, I put my hands over my nose and as I looked up there were five guys surrounding me with their fists ready so I just had to accept my fate. They were pretty brutal and beat me down to the floor and one started kicking my head. I couldn't understand how people could just be like that. There is a fair bit of gang fighting round my area but I'm not associated with it. If my mates were with me it would have been fine but I think they saw me with a girl on my own so chose me. I'm not normally vengefull but at the time I was just so mad I couldn't let this go. I also started to have these thoughts that people would think that I just got beaten up and let these people get away with it. I was never really bothered about things like that before but this really changed me. I wasn't going to go to the police because I knew nothing would happen so I started working out how I would get revenge. For weeks and weeks I'd go into the club trying to find people I reckognised as going there often and tried to find out names. I got quite obsessive about it, but it was pretty fruitless and after a while with only a couple first names I just had to give up and forget about it. It still annoys me that they got away with it, it probably always will annoy me, and I wonder how many other people they've done it to. But I believe in Karma so one way or another I'm sure they will get what they deserve. Maybe one day they will try to fight the wrong person.
@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
9 Jun 07
You know? I have committed a lot of vengeful harmful acts on those who have wronged me, but the acts have never gone beyond my thoughts. Lol. I guess because once I start to try to act it out, I feel like it takes too much of my time and effort and not worth it. Besides, I believe in Karma, so I do not wanna start anythin that will come and byte me in da a$$