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June 9, 2007 4:11pm CST
What would you rather do? Watch Family Guy or the Simpsons? Me personally, I feel that the Family Guy is funnier. I grew up with the Simpsons and still enjoy the cartoon, but if given the choice, I would choose Family Guy.
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2 Jul 07
As a matter of fact yesterday was sunday and guess what i watched...NO! not the simpsons....lol thats right family guy. Its the best cartoon ever. I love stewie and peter. lol the simpsons in my opinion aren't that funny. I mean homer is ok but the rest are just annoying. Family guy pwns the simpsons.
@Jutse_20 (12)
14 Jun 07
I have to go with PETRE FRIGGIN GRIFFIN... the simpsons are still good but Family guy has gotten funnier while the simpsons has lost some of its funny...My favorite charcter on family guy is....and i quote..."GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!!!" Quagmire rocks! as far as fat morons go...Peter is much funnier than Homer...
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11 Jun 07
I would much rather watch Family Guy - it's just so much funnier than the Simpsons to me. Over the years the Simpsons seems to have lost a little bit of the magic in my opinion.
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10 Jun 07
I feel the same. I grew up watching the simpsons but I think it's time for soemthing new. The simpsons has a great run but there's a lot of NEW funny cartoons. Family guy and South Park are definitely my new favorites.