Any Mary Kay Beauty Consultants Here - Or Ex MK Consultants?

@RenaeT (688)
United States
June 9, 2007 9:46pm CST
I was wondering if any of you out there are or have ever been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. If you were or are, tell about your experience with your business. How long you've been a consultant, do you like it alot, or not a lot. Mainly, are you making profit? Have you been to Seminar? Have you gone into debt trying to 'make it?' I was a consultant for 3 years back in the early 90's when Mary Kay Ash was still living. In fact, I got to see her in person when I attended seminar in Dallas. That was the day for Mary Kay! It's changed so much, probably for the good, but I got out of MK before she passed away, so everything was still pink when I was in it. I got so in debt trying to get to be a Grand Am winner or even just trying to be a "Red Jacket" that I finally had to get out. I would build my inventory and think "Okay, now I shouldn't have to order anything for a long time, I'm all stocked up!" Then, the company would come out with a new product, the Direct Support flyers would go out and I felt obligated to my customers to have that new product on my shelf, just in case they wanted it. Then, I'd end up with all the new stuff on my shelf, not selling and on my charge card!!!! I had a director who believed in charging the inventory and keeping my shelves stocked. Now days, selling MK is probably so different because of the ability to have your web site and get orders from customers on line. Back when I did MK, we weren't even allowed to have a listing in the yellow pages or even in the newspaper. So, times have changed for the newer generation of MK Consultants. As for the product, it's great. I don't use it because I have very tolerant skin and nothing seems to bother it, so I use the stuff at Wal Mart!! When I sold MK, I certainly used it, but I cannot afford it at full price. Tell about your experience with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I'd love to hear.
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