Designated Robot Drivers - Streets and Roads of the Future

United States
June 9, 2007 10:55pm CST
I never liked driving at all for a lot of reasons: -You could accidentally kill someone behind the wheel if you aren't careful -You learned driving from someone you don't like -High ticket fines -Ridiculously high prices on buying a car -People are clumsy behind the wheel -Can't have a cell phone while driving -Gotta keep your eyes on the road -...and a whole lot of other reasons. This is why I hated driving and rather take the bus to my places. But i've also been that we've got GPS technology that can also give us driving directions, perhaps its time to go even further with robot drivers that can automatically drive us to anywhere in the world. This way, any human errors of driving can and will completely be eliminated, and there won't be any accidents or deaths with robot drivers. They can also learn a great deal about driving a car on the road, just like someone reading and studying a driver's manual for years. With robot drivers, from regular cars to 8-wheeler trucks, no one will have to fear driving ever again.
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• United States
10 Jun 07
This is gonna happen sooner than you think, there's already research on this and the futuristic cars that can come in the year 2015 will support computer guided driving even for kids so if your underage teen wants to go his friend's house he can drive there legally.