Did you spouse smoke when you were pregnant?

United States
June 10, 2007 12:36am CST
Smoking is a hot topic now, especially when it comes to pregnant moms. And, though there is solid evidence that smoking can cause low birth weight in babies and may even contribute to pneumonia and lung failure in newborns, some people still insist on smoking around their pregnant spouses and babies. Did your husband smoke while you were pregnant? Did he stop once the baby was born?
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• Philippines
10 Jun 07
yes, my husband kept on smoking even those times of my pregnancy. my husband is a hardheaded guy and will not listen to reason. for him, what is right for him is all that matters. even if i have already pointed out to him all the ill effects of smoking he still keeps on. i have given up on him years ago. a man like that is beyond correction and beyond help. i have to have him have his ways and since i cannot take anymore of it, i had to let him go.