Anybody believes or heard of life after death?

June 10, 2007 2:31am CST
Im quite curiuos in this particular subject, Why does men have to grow old and die do we have other purpose after death?
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@Nafasg (30)
• Singapore
10 Jun 07
Hi vanny Let me ask you some questions? What is Life? I am sure you said life is just a life..breathe on air, eat, sleep, reproduce, troubles and mishaps, luck.. Dont you think that is more to it? Have you ever ask yourself why is your name is given to that name? Why a stereo tv hifi system has a guarantee warranty? Why cant it keep playing forever? Why does a technology change? Why do you have to eat? sleep? Who are the ones responsible for the actions mentioned above? Answer is People, Humans, Yourself, Myself. Every instruments, items, objects has their own unique manufacturer. table=carpenter. website=website designer. humans=?? you=?? me=?? So where does the piece of junk wood (table) goes to but to the carpenter?? Does it goes to the web designer? We, Humans..where do we go?? Someone must also have created us too..just like those tables and websites.. This is where the term..FAITH..BELIEFS & LOGICS is understood by people..So when your body malfunctions just like the tv cannot be switched on or the website needs some updates...where do you think you will go to? Well..the next advice is, i leave it to your beliefs which i am not here to preach but to give logics in view with our daily life.. But if you are are most welcome =) Cheers!