Do you live on borrowed money?

United States
June 10, 2007 10:11am CST
I was just wondering how many people actually live on their credit cards? It's such a problem with so many people simply because of the illusion that they can just pay later..when you end up paying more than it costs b/c of interest. Now for something like a house or car, or something else that you need but don't have all the money for is fine, but some people even have debt for clothes and shoes! I am lucky to be able to pay my credit card bill in full every month.
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10 Jun 07
You are LUCKY, but don't push your luck. These things are dangerous, trust me. I have lived in debt for 2 continious years of my life living on CC's. It was a NIGHTMARE. I haven't felt cash in my hands for a very long time. And every month I had to make sure I paid up a little amount, just to use it up again. Thank God that period is over and I am ok-ish. I still have a little debt I owe to the CC, but soon I will get rid of it all. And I will shread that damn plastic curse!