Computer suggestions?

United States
June 10, 2007 2:18pm CST
I need a new computer. I want a laptop, specifically. I need an 80gig+ hrad drive, at least 1gig of RAM, and a decent graphics card. I like Macs, but I use PCs for work. If I got a Mac, is there software I can use to read PC programs on it? Should I just stick with a PC laptop? I'm looking to spend about $2500-3000, if that makes a difference. What would you choose?
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10 Jun 07
I would look for one higher than just 80 gigs, something more like 120 - 160.. Mine's an 160gb, which I'm planning to extend further soon. Make sure you buy quality and not just brand. CPU speed, a gfx card around 120mb to 256 (would be ideal) with ram around a 1gig to 3.. I'm not sure what the market is like where you live or how those shops set things up and price but try to find the best for memory, cpu and gfx :) ~Joey
• United States
11 Jun 07
If you don't mind my asking, why that large of a hard drive? I only ask because my current has an 80 gig, and I'm only using about 40 of that...
11 Jun 07
Sure I don't mind. :) A lot of programs these days are quite large and at the growth of all these applications it's probably best to be aware. (even if you don't use that much) Example I have a windows vista laptop which is 160gb but I only have 110gb able to be used. (I'm waiting to remove some useless applications which is built in) also some computers say 120 but it doesn't count was actually free. You could buy a computer which is really 250gb and only be aware that you have 160gb. The chances of it being high usage is unlikely though :) Plus if you wish to keep your computer for awhile say when windows launch a new system you won't have to buy a new pc just because they don't do updates. Kudos! Sorry about rambling on there. lol