Liver Cancer

United States
June 10, 2007 3:51pm CST
In the last two weeks or so my Grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer and then once he went back to the Doctors they then told him he had just two months to live. I then found out the news from my mother and she cried so hard and she was telling me everything he is going through right and I feel that it might be sooner then even the doctor said (god forbid) and it has just been really hard to know that he is going to die soon and then I had to tell my children and that was the hardest part because they took it hard with having to put my dog down and so I can only imagine this. I am going to be spending as much time with him as possible and I am unsure what my Grandmother will do after he passes. It just hurts to know she will be alone, well alone but without him very soon, but we will be here for her always and forever. Has anyone ever had a family member that had this? Any type of cancer is so horrible :( -Lora
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