If you sow a lot you will reap a lot - Agree?

June 10, 2007 9:10pm CST
There is a saying : what you sow is what you reap. Being in the internet money arena for a number of years, already, I feel this statement is quite true. I mean, more than often, we expect huge returns when we are not even willing to invest more. I am not speaking of HYIPs where it is high risk, high return. Generally speaking, any legitimate online business would earn higher if we do upgrade or invest more. That goes for the saying : If you give peanuts, you get monkeys. I have been investing in a number of online businesses and although they are much higher, the returns are also equally rewarding. How do you feel about this issue?
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@yanjiaren (9050)
11 Jun 07
This is true, I see so many people wanting to earn money online without investment or even lifting a finger to do anything. I work my butt off to earn what I do online and I am always re investing..I have bought a senior executive position in the Berry Tree and Nutronix which cost me all in all around 700 bucks but I know in six months down the line that I will be laughing with my fat bonuses..IN life we have to invest to accumulate, unless we belong to the minority that are given everything on a plate of course..
@jeanpri (269)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 07
Hmmmm, I agre with what you said. True returns comes from true investments. I only hope that the investments are not placed into bogus sites. Appreciate this post and I am sure many members would agree with what is posted here.