@djoyce71 (2512)
June 10, 2007 9:23pm CST
People nowadays are so into internet surfing. Bussinessmen, professionals, students and even little kids are already into internet surfing. Of course, internet is good if used properly. One of the bad effects of the internet is that students cut class because they want to go to internet stations and surf on latest online games. I'm just wondering why do they do that. Don't they ralize that the money they spend to internet stations is the money hard earned by their parents? When they are in class, what they do is just draw the images they see on the net when gaming and they don't listen to teacher in front, as if they are still on the game environment. What is it on the internet games that get young people so addicted to it?
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@KennethF (102)
• United States
12 Jun 07
I would encourage children to put away paper, and use the digital medium to communicate. Save trees, since there are fewer of them, and keep more oxygen in the air. I don't like to see the incessant infatuation with video games, but i do see many education uses of the internet. Children can learn math, play educational calculation games, to be good numbers thinkers. Children can go around the world and learn so much more than they would out of a school textbook, or school project. The internet is the best classroom ever, for children and adults. I encourage it.
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• Philippines
11 Jun 07
Internet is good when it is properly used. However, internet offers variety of informations, cultures, games, interests and anyhting under the sun to internet users. The problem now is the internet game users who at their age are psychologically unstable to put limits on their internet usage. Internet games can manipulate the minds of the the youth because of its graphics design and its ability to communicate to other games users online. The challenge then should be addressed to the parents.In the first place they will not spend lot of our "hard earned" money if the money given to them has its clear purpose. Giving proper discipline and putting limitation should start at home. It is the parent's sole responsibilty to teach their children the proper way of spending wise time and wise money. There is no proper remedy but to settle it at home and explain to your children the do's and donts internet gaming usage has offer.