what is first love worth?

@bebski (16)
June 11, 2007 1:39am CST
im wondering what is first love worth? is it just to prepare for a second? what does second love brings? only regret for the first?? why do we have to go through the long journey of finding true love? why is it very much the sought after feeling that everyone is looking for? can we just be happy being with our own selves and not to belong to someone else? they say that first love never dies. i would like to disagree with that because from the time you can already moved on, the feeling you once felt with that person can disappear. how mysterious really love is. but the best thing that can ever happen to your first love is that it taught you how to live and be strong in the future.
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• United States
11 Jun 07
first love for me,is everything...i remember my first love,weve been through a lot together.had our ups and downs,our happy as well as bad times..weve had our arguments but came through all of it,but then we grew apart,he needs to find himself first.longing for something other than what he has now...years passed,we got to see eachother again and to my surprise,he never got over me and now we have two beautiful kids and living the life weve always dreamt of...
• Canada
11 Jun 07
Some people choose not to date many to find true love. Some people wait until they find true love to date. It works for some I know, because I have heard them tell their stories. Some might think that is risky; what if they never find their true love? I have heard them say that because they have waited is why they know and can reckonize it when it comes along! Do you think that is true for all or just for some? Or do you think these people it was just a coinsidence?