Are you afraid of flying?

June 11, 2007 10:14am CST
On my recent trip to Europe, I was a nervous wreck every time I got on a plane. I took 7 flights in total on that trip and each time the plane experienced some turbulance, I gripped onto my seat and went into 'panic mode'. Does anyone feel this way or am I just paranoid? Even my 5 year old son was worried and kept asking 'Mummy, are you ok?' My sister just returned from the States and she said flying through a storm was terrible. I think I would have died if I were her!!!
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@aleeming1 (163)
• Canada
11 Jun 07
No, I am not afraid at all. I did the 9 hour trip to europe and even then we had terrible Turbulence on the way while over Ireland. And on the way back over Greenland and Edmonton.. It was the worst over Greenland as all the above cargo fell out and landed on people. But for some odd reason I still wasnt scared. .. I know some people are terrified and others aren't. I dont think there really is an in between kind of flyer.
• Singapore
12 Jun 07
Seriously? No fear with all the stuff falling all over people? You got to tell me how you do it. Thanks; )