does internet harm our young ones????

@binny29 (1527)
June 11, 2007 11:42am CST
this is the current topic now to discuss and its been a tpic to think about,do u think internet harms our young ones do they get into bad things by using internet or we need to giude them to how to use internet
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• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
11 Jun 07
Well i think you're mixing two different things up here. Internet is not bad on itself at all. It's a tool full of possibilities for education, entertainment, business etc. But as with most things, this tool can be dangerous if used wrongly, specially by underaged ones. That's why those filters exist, or tracking programs, and of course education and surveillance by the own parents. Their guidance is essential, because their kids will have to use and manage fine in the internet when they grow up...nowadays it's essential so when they're adults then even more.
• Philippines
11 Jun 07
With proper supervision, the Internet can do more good than harm.