should u work while reviewing for your board exam?

@vanezzyi (206)
June 11, 2007 12:04pm CST
i jusr recently graduated from college. My board exam for mechanical engineer is not until october. I want to work for at least 2 mos while reviewing for the board. But my mom does not want me to do so. I just think its so unfair because I want to be able to earn my own money already because there are lot of things to buy. Buy her reasons are she doesnt know anyone who works and review at the same time and pass the board. She told me that I will need to review 1st so that in the end I could really sai I did my best. But my review is only from 8pm-9pm. So what am i supposed to do in the morning? just bum around?
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• Philippines
13 Jun 07
it would be best taht you listen to hte advice of your mother. this means, that she can afford to spend for all the expenses which must be covered for the duration of the review until the last day of the licensure examinations days. if you will fail in the examinations because you didn't listen to her, you can imagine by now, how hard it will be for her. your earnings in two months is never going to be a sizeable amount anyway. i don't see the point of your insisting on it, either.