living without *you*

October 23, 2006 9:28pm CST
There you go. It isn’t too good to rely much on the pleasures of technology. In Philippines, particularly in Luzon, a typhoon last September caused a region wide blackout. In some locations, people were lucky to have their electric supply restored just after the natural disaster. But in other locations, it was at least two to four days without electricity, phone lines and water supply depending on the provider’s response or assistance. Still, two or three days couldn’t be that bad compared to THREE WEEKS of waiting for the restoration of those services, which was the case in areas where the typhoon had its major effect. Count your blessings. I’d like to try living without electricity and phone service (just leave me with the water supply). We’ll see if I can stand it, and for how long. If people in rural areas can have a nice sleep even without air-con or electric fan, why can’t a city girl like I? They’re humans. I’m human. What’s the difference? I just don’t know about the rich types. Well the point here is, there are people (especially the city-dwellers) who got so much used to technology and its convenience. Love easy-living, right? So now, just spending two days without electricity and they’re suffering. Geez man, when my parents where young they lived in a place without electric service and phone lines and their water supply was free from the RIVER! They grew up healthy and happy. Well, the world is changing. At some points, technology is really a necessity now so I can't blame people who are so technology-dependent. But for me, I wouldn't mind going back to basics.
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