Sayings of our times (overheard dialogue)

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June 11, 2007 12:29pm CST
The other day, I was walking along the 16th Street Mall, engaged in the favorite hobby of a lot of writers: People watching. While doing so, I overheard one teenage girl say to another, "I don't run unless I am being chased by something." After I got the vision of her caveman ancestors rolling in their graves out of my head, I realized that this conversation was a sign of our times, one that could only arise in our day and age. So have you ever overheard any dialogue that is a sign of our times?
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@jolmartyn (133)
11 Jun 07
I started my teaching practice, wet behind the ears at the age of 45. I heard one girl in the class say to thother "All this writing stresses me out". Desparate to see why she was near an emotional breakdown, thinking that there must be at least a best seller lurking in her text book I was suprised to se that she had written 10 lines in 2 hours. Now a special needs teacher 15 years later, just startin to under stand!
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12 Jun 07
I am currently a forty-one year old college student; it constantly amazes me how little writing my class mates do, and little page count they consider a lot. Or reading for that matter. When I took English 121, I had students complaining that my sentences were too long--my paragraphs too long--and my entire assignments too long also. This puzzled me becasue the teacher was teaching us to write compound and complex sentences; I just presumed that he acttually wanted us to use them. Silly me. I have gotten to the point that I loathe peer review days because I don't consider my class mates my peers, nor are they in my normal target audience (my chosen audience actually reads). So I would definitely say that "All this writing stresses me out" is a saying of our times.