Would you sell your story to the tabloids if you met Prince Harry at the Bar?

June 11, 2007 8:48pm CST
The news said tonight that a calgary women sold her story to the London tabloids about her time with Prince Harry at a bar late into the night. When I heard that my immediate reaction was why would she do that? Gee is everyone out for the almighty dollar or fame from a tabloid! Why couldn't she just let him have a nice evening and leave it at that. Would you sell the story to make some money if it were you? Seems just so wrong to me!
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
12 Jun 07
It would all depend on whether I liked the prince or not. If he was a horrible man and I didn't enjoy myself at all then I would sell my story about how horrible he was. If he was a fun guy and I had a good time then no I would never sell the story. That would be like selling out a friend for a couple of bucks.