Do you believe in angels?

Angels - They are around watching us. In whatever form they come to us to guide us, to make us smile when we are feeling sad, to keep us away from harm when danger is at hand. Just have faith and believe and you'll know they really exist.
June 11, 2007 10:30pm CST
My 5 months old baby brother were playing on the floor when suddenly my mother cried. My brother was missing. When we were about to go down we were very surprised to see him at the foot of the stairs playing with not a single sign of him falling from the top. How did he came down there? He crawled maybe but for a five month old baby it seemed impossible. A two year old niece of my husband were found sleeping soundly on top of dirty clothes apparently fell down, the night before, from the upstairs bedroom. A friend before she died were smiling to someone when we look behind us it was a wall. And a lot more unusual stories happened to friends, family and even strangers. They say it was a work of angels? What about you have you ever experienced unusual event in your life that you cannot explain? Do you believe in angels? Glad to know if you have. Or if you don't believe then at least what you thought?
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