Are you playing RAN online?

June 12, 2007 1:26am CST
I just started playing Ran Online? and its so addictive. I loved this role playing and strategy game. How great filipino making this kind of game. what is your character name and type in RAN online? what server are you entering?
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• Philippines
26 Jun 07
what level / type are you? :) im 131 dexarcher.. :) it's so nice to know, somebody here plays the game too.. but i cant play my char nowadays because of school.
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
i am an INT Shaman and now at lvl 60. I played at Strife Server sacred gate school and usually i am on chanel 2 bec most of my friends played on that chanel and chanel 1 is always busy. I also love purchasing costumes at, since i al only playing at night and weekends, i used to buy costumes good for 24 hours only, though theres no stat points on that costumes but those are cute and nice.
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
hi m1sscrazy.. I just want to know where can I get the Scrol of Revitalize, I'm trying to buy it to shaman instructor or grocery merchant but I cant find it... I already want to use my revitalize skill..thanks
• Philippines
28 Jul 07
hi there miss sharon... :) the revitalize scroll would just be obtained from a quest.. will get back atcha soon. I'll try to remember where I got it. :)
@ckciasigurl (1713)
• Vienna, Austria
1 May 11
Yes i am playing ran online , ran online is a great game the effects, the sound, graphics and the people who are playing . it's been 3 years already i don't know that i will be addicted in these game at first i don't know what i am doing but i learned already actually i stop playing 2 years because i went to italy , My server that im entering is TALA server , my first server is at fury but my built there is not that good because as you can see that time i was beginner , so when tala server is open i tried to go and create new character. i am shaman level 205 -C-iasi-G-url but now my character is hacked
@boymelvs (138)
• Philippines
21 Aug 10
yes, im still playing ran online especially my day off,i spent my whole day off to play only this game and of course im very very happy to play,if im in the leveling mode there is a time i didn't sleep and coffee only is in my stomach cause i forget to eat.^^ by the way my character name is smackers an archer at server strife..
• Philippines
13 Jun 07
Yes I also playing RAN online though not that frequent due to work load. I am a brawer using my name as my character. I do meet friends throgh this role playing game. Its so nice and if ever i have my liesure time I prepared playing this game.