Are you overly protective of your one-year old??

June 12, 2007 4:12am CST
One year old babies are in a stage where they are starting to walk, run, climb, etc. This stage of their life is when they are learning and getting more curious about anything they sees. My one-year old niece most of the time gets bruises and bumps.. Her parents wouldn't want to place her in her walker anymore coz she usually gets accidents. I think its overly protective that way, i believe the baby should be allowed to do what she want to as long as there is really someone who watches over her. She should learn how to explore on everything in order not to stunt her mental growth which is important. How about you parents, especially mothers, are you challenged by your one-year olds?
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• United States
18 Jun 07
I am actually challenged by my 9 mth old. He has been develping early on everything. He started pulling himself up to stand, crawling, and sitting up alone at 6 mths old. He is now 9 mths old and all over the place. He is up to walking 4 steps by himself before he falls to his butt. He knows how to climb stairs, but not get down them yet. Not the right way anyway, he went to sit down before I could catch him. Luckily he was only 1 step up at this time. I can only imagine what he will be doing when he turns 1 yrs. old.
@kajones (18)
• Germany
12 Jun 07
I tend to let my 16 month explore on his own. We go play outside in the backyard and as long as I can see him, we are good. The yard is fenced and there isn't anything super dangerous out there so I just let him explore and learn. I do the same inside but will more limitations. There is a gate on the steps because he gets half way up and then panics and cries so this keeps him where I can see AND FIND him. Also, the electrical outlets are covered since he likes to play with those. But other than that, he can get into the cupboards and pretty get anywhere he wants. He is a smart little guy and is always exploring. I like that better than spending every moment hovering over him to make sure he doesn't fall on his heavily diapered butt!!! LOL But.... that is me...