Did you experience having a stalker before?

@dons626 (404)
June 12, 2007 7:32am CST
I heard a lot of stories about stalkers. Scary isnt it? Good thing I never experienced having one. What about you?
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@Bujoyseth (1684)
• Philippines
3 Jul 07
yes.. that was way back 1994.. he asked me for a date but i said no.. coz' he's not my type and i have already my boyfriend then... i was so worried every time i go home coz he keeps on following me everyday.. one time, i go home alone.. he's right behind me, maybe one block away.. i don't know what's inside his mind... and then suddenly here comes my boyfriend,, i'm very thankful that time, i thought my boyfriend already went home because he said there was emergency in their house, thank God he followed me... he accompanied me until i get home...
• United States
12 Jun 07
Yes, I had one when I was working in a music store in 1994. This guy asked me out on a date, but I said no because I had a boyfriend. He took that to mean that, if I didn't have a boyfriend, that I'd date him. So, he called the store five or ten times during my shift, he'd sit on the bench outside the store to watch me work and he'd wait by the door for me to leave. I finally had to get the police involved and he stopped. Then, in 2004, I had an issue with an employer stalking me and sexually harrassing me on the Internet. The only way I could solve that was changing my screen names on various sites, quitting my job and filing a complaint - he was fired and I haven't heard from him since.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
12 Jun 07
No i don't have any of such experiences yea ... but if one of my friends or relative got stalked , i wish i could protect them yea