My earnings are so umpredictable

@amaine (2037)
June 12, 2007 8:24am CST
Well, for today, I haven't participated in a single discussion. I just logged in to my account and saw that my earnings for today are much bigger that when I was active during the past few days. I am not complaining though. :) I just thought it was weird because during the past few days, I get to start a new discussion, and I got numerous responses but I just get dismayed when I get to see my earnings for the day. I mean, I am sure I have participated to discussions well and of course I am certain that I gave the best quality of discussion. And, I logged in just today to participate in discussions and I was surprised to see my earnings. Wow! I hope this happens more often. LOL :) Has anything like this happened to you?
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• Singapore
12 Jun 07
Yes the earnings are totally erratic. I have tried to figure out how myLot pays many times and I have not really got closer at all. Make sure you are looking at the time period 12am - 12 pm US Central time. Otherwise, your earnings observation will not be accurate.
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@easy888 (10405)
• Australia
12 Jun 07
hello,amaine,i also have the same experience like you,my earning is low sometimes when i expect it to be good but opposite the other times. I think we may only get the credits for our replies if the members who we reply to have given us a positive rating,that is why sometimes even we do not reply much,we still get earning as the members may just give us the positive rating that day and our earnings are recognized at that time.
@hope1983 (104)
• India
12 Jun 07
Wish me luck because i am trying my best to be patient because i am new to this .But i havent earned any thing yet .But i won't give up hope.
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• United States
12 Jun 07
well last night I made quite a few posts and made a couple new discussions and posted some photos and I only gained 20 cents. Odd huh
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