George Rodrigue - Blue Dog Man

June 12, 2007 11:27am CST
George Rodrigue is the painter who gave us Blue Dog, the charasmatic puppy with the ubiquetous eyes. Usually painted Blue (thus the name), though he has appeared in variety of colors from grey, to white, to red, to a collage of color. Blue Dog as the story goes is modeled on Rodrigue's beloved Tiffany, the pup of his earlier days. Before he became famous for Blue Dog, Rodrigue, who grew up in the Cajun Country of Southern Louisana, was renowned for his works depicting typical home life of his cajun kinfolk and aqcuantances, usually with a whimsical tongue in cheek title. Rodrigue and Bue Dog, already a growing cult favorite came to high prominence in the late 90's through a series of commissioned prints for Nieman Marcus and Absolute Vodka and reached national attention through his commissioned Blue Dog (series of 4) for Xerox which appeared in a number of television commercials staring Diedrich Bader, (famous for his role on the Drew Cary show). Through the 2000's Rodrigue continued to produce Blue Dog prints, but also began producing an abstract series called "Hurricane". Hurricane Katrina had a personal effect on Rodrigue and to raise money for a variety of groups he's produced a number of Blue Dog prints whose proceeds go to their assigned charities. To learn more about George Rodrigue go to:
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