Growing Veggies: Tips and Tricks

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June 12, 2007 12:15pm CST
This year I actually have space to garden, but my yard isn't huge, so I'm growing all sorts of vine veggies, like squash and cucumbers vertically up a trellis. So far my tomato plants are already starting to produce fruit. My green pepper plants are still kind of tiny. THe squash plants are starting to get big enough to need to need the trellis. The spinach isn't doing so well, and I just replanted the cucumber after a bunny had a snack. The mesclun looks very happy, and my new blueberry bushes have settled in well. I recently learned that egg shells make a good fertilizer for tomato plants, and while it's still a good idea to use some other fertilizer as well, if you want lots of fruit, the egg shells look pretty sprinkled in the soil, and are "free fertilizer" because I otherwise would have thrown them away. Is anyone else out there excited about their garden? Do you have any tips or tricks?
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@smacksman (6074)
12 Jun 07
Broken egg shells also stop snail and slugs crossing over to eat your plants. You seem to be doing well. Great stuff! You can grow just about anything in a tub but they tend to need watering more often than those plants in the ground. I would water each evening. I make my own compost from all the kitchen waste and garden waste and you can do it in a 44gal oil drum or similar. In between the layers of green waste tear up some newspaper into strips and make a layer of that. The newsprint will add a bit of carbon to the compost and rot it down better. Next spring you can add your own compost to your planting pots. Put a lid on it to keep most of the rain out. Keep green/black fly off by painting the leaves with a soapy solution. Rather than just digging it up, if you leave some of the leaves on a lettuce, more leaves will come again for another cropping. Very satisfying, isn't it?
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12 Jun 07
Wow, I've learned even more. I had started a compost pile, but the newsprint is a nifty trick I didn't know about.