Challenge to Google AdSense!!! New concept in contexual advertising system.

@Ronimas (699)
June 12, 2007 3:40pm CST
It's talk of the internate that Fair Ads Network [FAN] is now standing against Google AdSense. What I studied about this program is, it is a contexual advertising system similar to Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network [YPN]. As a publisher you will earn for CTR, CPM and CPA like adsense. You can choose the ads you want to display based on CTR prices. Two good things I found in this program. 1. You will earn 60% of all campaigns they wish to serve. For example, if advertiser offers $0.10 per click, you will earn $0.06 per click. If the advertiser pays $10.00 per action, you would earn $6.00 per action. Not a bad income than adsense. This thing google conceals. 2. Most important part is you will not get banned or get trouble, if you accidentally click on your own ads, it will just be voided. It is a challenging matter to Google AdSense as I have seen in some discussions that members are banned miserably from adsense without any reason. I think they will be benefited with FAN. However, till now I have not seen FAN ads in any website. Are you a FAN member? If, yes, please share your experience. Have you displayed FAN ads in your site? I want to see it.
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@teflon09 (208)
• India
8 Aug 07
So are you talkin' about seem to be a seasoned campaigner in computers & internet.. and it's gr8 to have u by our side.. well, would you go a little further on FAN that u been talking about? Thanks for all your information.. Mike