Feel depressed, just wish to wait another few years to have baby.

June 12, 2007 4:06pm CST
I got married almost 2 yrs back and now my in-laws have come to stay with me, problem is that MIL buys so much stuff once we go out for her daughter and grand-daughter, her nieces and nephews. We are already having a debt of almost $17000 on credit cards which she is very much aware of and have to pay loans in India that sum up to $10,000. I am a home maker and depend on my husband for every single thing. Now, I am expecting a baby, I just got the news last week, I posted it in mylot too, so many out here on mylot to congratulate me. Thank you so much,but seeing the situation I just feel like not having baby now, we waited for 2 yrs without thinking about baby and now we had some savings which my MIL took up to pay some money she owe to her daughter. I dont understand how do I speak about this to my husband. Feel very depressed, and today he said he would take vacation and take all of us out on tour. Let me know what to do, I am scared that I may not be able to provide better future for my baby.
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