pregnant and moody

United States
June 12, 2007 4:34pm CST
I am pregnant with my 3rd child and im not that far along but man do i feel and act more moodier than the 2 before this every little thing annoys me especially when it comes to my husband and my mood swings are non stop one min i dont want him touching me the next im politely asking for a back rub and being the considerate caring man that he is he still does it , do pregnancy's jsut get worse with each one because my first was a breeze i wanted to be pregnant forever and my second was ok till the end and this one my hormones are so out of whack i dont know if i or anyone else will survive
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• United States
7 Jul 07
I am 16 weeks pregnant and very moody and sensitive. I try to explain to my husband how I feel, but I know it is hard for him especially. We pregnant women have really wacked hormones, exhaustion, weight gain, etc and this really does account for it all..hang in there, because don't forget..the end will come eventually and you all WILL survive! I am counting on that for myself! Know that you are NOT alone...
• Canada
14 Jun 07
No it is not that each one gets worse just that with each one is different from the one before . You never know how you are going to feel or what effect this is going to have on your hormones . I know with my last one I thought I was going crazy and I think my family did as well as my hormones were just off the wall but if this will make you feel any better it was my best labor . I had said after I had my daughter that if all my labors had been like that one I would have had a dozen children lol .