what would you do?

June 12, 2007 6:04pm CST
what would you do if you won a lottery ticket and you become so famous, i am looking forward to here about it
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12 Jun 07
Well I doubt winning the lottery would keep me famous forever so I would keep quite a few months until it blows over and then treat my parents and by my wife and I a big house. Then spoil my son with loads of toys.. Saving the rest... ~Joey
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@zxh1098 (24)
• China
18 Jun 07
Ha ha. if I have hit the first prize, I can give oneself first trade anew vehicle, trades in a bigger new home. transferor the people all tocross on goes against the level superior life. most importantly tohave the extremely discrete investment project. to gain more bills.because many money also have one day which all spends!
@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
16 Jun 07
wow winning the lottery will mean a lot for me, i have four kids and i will need that money for their education. i will save that for their education and buy a house for we are only renting and treat my mom where she wants to go what she wants to buy.... and lastly give some for the kids who is suffering cancer
• India
15 Jun 07
i would do what rich and famous do in their whole life , actually it will be fun i think,interviews,tv shows,parties,girls,cars,discos,this is what i call life.anyways it has not happened till yet but one day god will listen to my prayer too.
@disvachic (10123)
• United States
14 Jun 07
I would by me a house and start my group home that im trying to open.
@marciascott (25555)
• United States
14 Jun 07
Hi, Bestgirl, I changed my mind about leaving. I was upset but I am ok now. I added you as My friend. Welcome to Mylot. I just won an instant Lottery ticket yesterday for $100.00 I wow if I won a lot of money I woukld buy my daughter and her 8 kids a house, the father is deceased. she needs help.
• Australia
14 Jun 07
lol! there are people who didn't get famous of winning a lotto. I don't know why you said winning a lotto will make you famous. I don't see the logic. Anyway, with the money that I win, I will buy a huge house for my family, to my parents and all buy a house for the rest of my siblings heheh. Enroll myself in a medical schools and start a business.