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June 12, 2007 6:09pm CST
What's a random day like for you? I love hearing about how people live. Give me a blow by blow account of what you did today. Here's what I did: 6:00 AM- worked out 7:00 breakfast for hubby and kids, packed hubby's lunch 8:00- started laundry, took a shower 9:00- ran some annoying errands in town 10:00- more laundry, played Webkinz with kids 11:00- friend came over for swimming and lunch, played with kids 1:00 PM- read stories to kids 2:00- went to friends house for playdate 4:00- cooked dinner, cleaned up kitchen 6:00- went online, researching project for hubby The day's not over- it's 7:00 and it's time for baths for the kids. And then I'll put the laundry away. I may watch "On The Lot" if it's on tonight. That's it!!
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13 Jun 07
3am went to bed and read 4am slept with cat on bed 10am got up showered, dressed done housework, took out cat for walk, sat on mylot for a while, updated profiles, 4pm went to work, i am a cook.waitress 10pm finished and had two drinks in the bar 11pm got home and came on here and spoke to my best friend and my sister (canada and australia) 02.23am filled out this and then heading to bed sorry i had a boring day good night
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