How come my song doesn't start automatically? Hmmph.

music - music note. which is in songs. which is in my song. if i can get my song to start. other wise there is no musical note in my song. or on my myspace page. then it's not really a song. but does the song still exist if you can't hear it? hmm questions for scientists. maybe i should become a scientist. i really can't understand how someone can write so much about a photo.
June 12, 2007 7:21pm CST
You know how you go to someone's myspace page and the song that they've put on their page starts up automatically? Well mine doesn't, you have to press 'play' first. I'd rather it started automatically, to add ambience to my beautiful page. Can this be fixed or not?
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17 Jun 07
you have to go to account setting or music setting and then there is something that says play song automatically i believe thats how you do it