Is There Anybody Without Ticket???

June 12, 2007 10:18pm CST
Well is there anybody who travelled without ticket? It did happen with me...once when i didn't had a train pass,while coming home from college i travelled without a ticket with my friend in train... My friend had a pass of her own and we thought if she did caught me i will show my friend's pass.. So we boarded the train from my college place and behaved normally as if nothing is wrong with us...While we were travelling Tc got into the train at a intermediate station and asked my friend about the heart beating started increasing and was praying God to help me out...She showed her pass and then asked for me..I pretended as if i am having the pass and started searching for it in my bag...Meanwhile the Tc started checking other passenger's ticket,at that time my friend very secretly gave me her pass..I showed it to the Tc but she got suspicious and told us both of tem to show the passes and we had only one pass...then we had no other option but to say the truth.......she caught us and we got down at nerby station adn told to contact my parents...she chided us for atleast one hour till my dad came...He paid the fine for me....Because of me even my friend had to pay for the fine....from that day onwards i never travelled without was a bad experience... So do you have any such experience...Please share with me..
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@angela2006 (1846)
• China
13 Jun 07
I do not have this experience,I think if I do not have a ticket then it will be impossible to get on the train and actually,I dare not to.but I saw some people who does not own a ticket,I just want to know how they can get into.when the police check the ticket,they either lie under the seats or go to wc to avoid being checked.
• India
13 Jun 07
Atleast the trains over there have toilets here we don't have that also to hide....
• Malaysia
16 Jun 07
hahaha... that is a good idea.. but my experience is more like walking fast and show the ticket slowly or just go throught the way during the lot people time... many people will hard to check... but mostly we all use the scan ticket unless using the monthly ticket
@kudeshi (529)
• India
16 Jul 07
Yeah it happened once while i was travelling in bus. The bus was overcrowded and i had to get down after 4 stops. The conductor was standing right in the front and it was impossible to reach him. That was the only time i had travelled without a ticket.
@devilinu (105)
• India
3 Jul 07
hahahaha....need i repond to this paradise?? well jus 4 the rest of u(plz get inspired at ur own risk) i hv travelled wt(without ticket) 4 months...cuz the college wudnt giv me a 3 month pass concession... i still do it.....but i do buy a pass wen i can... but tkt line is too much to ado to deal with