Disney's new theme park, Nazi Land

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June 12, 2007 11:05pm CST
Okay well maybe Disney doesnt have plans for Nazi Land, and I think that might be wise, something about genocide just doesnt get kids excited like cartoons do. But what I wanted to start a discussion about was Disney's use of cartoons during WW2 that were about Nazi. On my computer I currently have one about Donald Duck being a factory worker for nazi germany, another one talking about the american attitudes during WW2 that werent condusive to the idea of a unified america, and also one about How Nazis are made. I was just wondering what your ideas of these are, perhaps if you know any information that might not be common knowledge about them, or just how you feel about Disney using cartoons to teach hatred for the Nazis and the German people to american children, you could post it. If you havent seen them you can get them off Kazaa, try typing in "Banned" with "Disney" and "Nazi" or instead of Disney try "cartoons". Also on Youtube...I've watched them about 5 times now, each time trying to pay attention to a new facet of them, artwork, music, message, use of language that would lead people one way, the use of german, watching it and trying to think what a german would think watching it, an american, a jewish person, a child etc. what do you think about the propaganda?
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13 Jun 07
Well, I only found the one with Donald working in the bomb factory. Have watched it twice and I must not be seeing the same things you see. I am German and will try to give you my point of view on it. This is a touchy subject, since most ppl that actually lived through this time have passed on by now. My grandma was a young girl during the Nazi Germany. So I know from what she used to tell me that it was kinds like the cartoon shows it. Anyone that was against Hitler was locked up, and we all know too well what happened to those poor souls. Kids didn't get a choice, they had to be in the "Hitler Jugend" (Hitler's youth). Also, I don't find it wrong to teach kids that Hitler and Nazis are "bad" and hope that they don't grow up joining similar groups. The Nazi Regime under Hitler has done terrible things and committed numeros crimes against humanity. So far I have never meet anybody hating me for being a german, most of the time it seems to be the opposite. After all, Hitler was way before my time, and German does not equal Nazi... The only time I was ever shocked was during the eighties when I visited the states. I was 17 years old and meet some other teenagers. They seriously asked me if there was bomb craters in the street and seemed amazed when I told them no and that we even have McDonalds over there...LOL I sure hope that by now americans know that we are NOT a third world country. Most technology americans use everyday over the past 60 years has been developed in Germany. Now, like I said I was in no way offended by the cartoon. There is even some pretty funny parts in it. At the end you can see Donald waking up and being thankfull for being an american. I think the moral of the cartoon is "learn from the mistakes of the past and be happy you live in a place where you can express yourself and have freedom." After all it is not just the germans, all cultures throughout the ages have "owned" slaves and for america there is this whole "kicking the native americans off their land and putting them on reservations" thing... By the way, Hitler has not done only bad things. Did you know that he invented the VW Beetle??? Look it up if you don't believe me. Not saying that makes him a good guy, just saying that every person and story has many sides to it. Hope this helped you out.
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13 Jun 07
The mentioned cartoons were actually shown to the military sodiers stationed all over before they were released to the public. I believe they were made especially for the servicemen to ease their stints in the service and war. It was a sense of relief for them to see the humorous side of the war. Just something I had heard years ago. Im not positive about it though. HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB !!~