Is everybody telling the whole truth nowadays?

June 13, 2007 4:22am CST
Nowadays, people tends to tell more about lies than truths. And every truth that people tells is a half lie. So my question is, "Do you often tell the whole truth nowadays or rather tell a half truth, half lie thingy?
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• India
14 Jun 07
Hi, you are correct . Nowadays nobody is telling the complete truth. I too lie occasionally. Occasionally means if there will be any profit by lieing at that moment to anybody. In such times I will try to lie. but everybody(my friends) easily recognize me if I lie them. If I tell lie and they believe it, after the situation got cooled I will again raise that issue and tell them that I lied to them, whatever they feel at that moment, but I have to explain them the situation and tell them in which situation I have lied like that....and there is no chance for half lie and half truth. I move to one side only. Either truth or lie, that's all....
• India
15 Jun 07
Thanks for rating my response as the best response. I am really happy because it is my first bestresponse rated by you.
• Philippines
14 Jun 07
Maybe because people think it is the only way to get something that's why they tell lies. I tell some lies too but i do not make it a habit otherwise no one will believe me when I tell the truth