Make More Plants!

@indywahm (808)
United States
June 13, 2007 6:43am CST
Do you have a favorite plant that you would like to have more of?? Than follow these simple steps to get a cutting from them and eventually have new plants. GET STARTED: Fill a small pot with soil free potting soil. This helps the roots to grow. Premoisten the soil. Look on the mother plant for a healthy green branch with leaves. Clip it near the soil line. With a long branch you should be able to get several cuttings from it. You will be cutting right above each leaf and the cut is what you put into the soil. MAKE SURE YOU USE ROOTING HORMONE ON THE CUTTINGS. This gives your plants a faster start. Poke the cutting into the potting misture, making sure to bury the bottom leaf junction into it. This is where the roots will emerge. Keep you cuttings warm and moist. Use plastic wrap or a dome. You can either use a fluorescent light or set them in a nice sunny window. I have more luck when I can keep them at a constant temperature. Water just enough to keep them moist, but never wet. You can mist with water about once a week if the soil lookd dry. Your cuttings should take root in about a week. If you gently tug on the cutting and it resists than you know it has taken root. In about another week you can remove the plastic cover or dome. This is the time to start feeding your plants with a half strength fertilizer once a month. Keep the soil moist and if you can use bottom watering to avoid fungal diseases. Don't place them outside until fear of frost has passed. HERE IS A LIST OF PLANTS THAT ARE EASY TO "CUT": BOUGAINVILLEA HYBRIDS CIGAR PLANT COLEUS DICHONDRA FLOWERING MAPLE GIZZARD PLANT JASMINE LANTANA PERSIAN SHIELD SPIDERWORT WAX BEGONIA
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@abrarr (1246)
• Pakistan
13 Jun 07
thancs man u are helping a lot and ur posts are really good. they are just helping me quench my thirst for palnting and vegetation!! i just love to do all this and i'm looking forward for more!!!