What body part would you insure?

@Dugsmom (279)
United States
June 13, 2007 8:52am CST
I've noticed a lot of celebrities are getting their body parts insured. Ugly Betty's America Ferrera just had her teeth insured for 10 million dollars and Heidi Klum had her legs insured for $1 million dollars each. I'd insure my hands because I need them to work. What about you? What body part would you insure and why?
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• Mexico
10 Apr 09
Hi The six million dollar man have a message for u! well dugsmom I think to insure my Legs,arms and every body my self, because its very important your question, and you know what? my job its Life insurer, pls read this: LIFE INSURANCE TEST Add up your assets-IRAS - Savings,investment, Etc Substract the amounth that will be needed for estate taxes, mortgages,childrens education,etc.If the balance won't generate enough income to support survivors, you need more life insurance.Best buy: annual term insurance., Dont forget fisability insurance At age 50, you are more likely to disabled than die suddenly.
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
10 Apr 09
Hi, I have my body, I mean the whole body insurance bu I am thinking of particularizing this and insure separately. In this case I would first insure my hands a just like you.
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
10 Apr 09
I would like to insure my public hairs. LOL! Just kidding. I want to insure my fingers because without them I can't live as my all skills are dependent upon my fingers. I love em. Even kissing them too!
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
6 Dec 07
i would insure either my hands, eyes or teeth, I think they're the most used and relied on parts of my body.
@bgerig (1259)
• United States
28 Oct 07
my hands, and/or my eyes. I love to type (computer/even typewriter) and play piano. I can not imagine not being able to button my own shirt or feel something hot or cold. I enjoy seeing beauty, reading, even watching people talk/smile/look at each other.