Adbux: Is It Worth?

June 13, 2007 11:16am CST
Well, Adbux pays its members for view advertisements for 30 seconds. Everyday a member gets 5 to 10 Ads daily to click. Each Ad has a value of $.01. Not so much so as to make miracles. Minimum Payout is $10 via Paypal. The most important part, the site is run by Chad French. He/She(I don't know his/her gender) does have a good reputation on the net. But still many persons I have come across have claimed that they have been paid by this Site. So its worth giving a try. If you are interested you may join the site by clicking on this Link Anybody who has more information about this site please do post in this discussion about the same. It will help all of us to assess the website's depth. Whether it is a Spam or a Genuine One.
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