My wish coming true is within...YOU? Maybe ask yourself seriously can I as a hum

United States
June 13, 2007 4:09pm CST
an besupportive of this young man's dream. I would only love to pick up a paint brush an know that what I am about to create is going to make some person out there very happy and in return I receive a small Donation to my Cause, I will paint andything you want me to paint in acrylic or oil on whatever(almost).. whatever size canvas or what you want it on provided that it will hold some centimental value to YOU! ALll I ask is that you as a self respectd human send me whatever you want this idea to be placed on or painted on. The cost of the Paint or send it I will provide all receipts if you would like a refund or tax break so to speak. Gifts is a taxt break or donations. Seriously think about it you are helping someone stay busy and make alittle on the side with his passion for art that will last for a life time or more. Please respond nicely with Ideas or some business props...
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