labrador The best for pet with children?

June 13, 2007 6:56pm CST
im planning to have a Labrador retriever, cause my friend told me that labrador is very good with children. I hope somebody can help me decide. cause I planning also to have a Boxer
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@tredale (1313)
• Australia
16 Jun 07
I have a labrador I got him as a 4 year old dog who had never been around small children. He is wonderful and very loyal not too mention cleaver. Labs are mostly inside dogs though and dont take well to being away from the family. I have four children and the dog thinks hes also a child. He hasnt been desexed and is still a very loving dog. I wish you luck and hope you enjoy your new familly member.
@hope1983 (104)
• India
14 Jun 07
they are very gentle and friendly .
• United States
14 Jun 07
More importantly than the breed is the PLACE you get your dog from. Pet store dogs are notorious for developing temperment problems, including aggression due to a bad start in life and predisposition to health problems. Labradors CAN be good with children, but it goes much further than that. They have to be introduced at a young age, and the children must know not to pull on his tail or poke him. There are many other breeds that can get along with a family just fine. Its not limited to just a few breeds. Make sure you find a responsible breeder who health tests for genetic disorders, or else go to a rescue and get a dog that way.
• United States
14 Jun 07
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@aleeming1 (163)
• Canada
14 Jun 07
Before getting a dog you should research up on them. Like are they good with children? Do they need lots of attention? Are they know for having any illnesses? Do they shed? Are they known for being smart, lazy, hyper active? Things like that need to be taken into consideration before getting a dog.