June 13, 2007 8:44pm CST
What are the top 5 shooters out there? Anyone with a secret recipe that they'd like to share? How about bombers? Although not quite shooters, they're a heap of fun! Looking for alternatives to the jager bombs and sake bombs.
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15 Jun 07
Tbh are you supposed to like shooters? There the "speed up getting drunk" antidote or if it's a group of men its "who big and can drink loads of em". There's a place in town called Cheeky Monkey thats basically a Shooter Bar, got bout 50+ different shots to chose from for quite a good price and basically when we go in we choose random 3 and don't really look at what we get. There is one though called "Monkey Brain" which has a bit of cream that floats in the middle, think its made of baileys too. Plenty of websites though i should think to make your own cocktails and shooters.
@tangylot (73)
• Australia
14 Jun 07
lol bomb! bang bang shooter! lol bomb! bang bang shooter!