Do you believe in reincarnation?

@012401 (200)
June 14, 2007 12:51am CST
Hello out there! Many who believe in reincaranion. Some says a person or animal whose body somebody's soul is born again after he, she or it has died. And some religious belief defines , the cyclical return of a soul to live another life in new body. For you how truly is this. And what are your basis and proof.
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14 Jun 07
I have heard many stories and watch many movies about reincarantion. It was put into my brain this way and I believe in it. I believe that there is such thing as reincarnation. I have no proof. It just that I was raise around it and I tend to believe what the grown up are saying. And now that I am a grown up too, I still believe in it. I guess I wanted to believe in it. I just don't want to die and that's it. I wanted to have another chance in life. Another life. A life that I truly would enjoy. Maybe I could be born as someone else or maybe an alien who stumble to earth by accident. I wish for an adventure that I don't have right now. Atleast reincarnation leave a hope for a better life which I can't seem to have no matter how hard I try. It's sound depressing. I think I should stop and find something fun to write about.